Dragons, Demons, Monsters and More


For quite a while I’ve been contemplating starting a blog. But I kept thinking, “No one is interested in my thoughts.” But then I kept reading that as an author I should do this, so here goes. For over 20 years I’ve had a story running around my brain like a hamster on a wheel. I’d get up at 5:30 am and write a chapter, then go to school and teach my lovely 5th and 6th graders. This lasted for a few months then the chapters got put away in a file cabinet and forgotten. This was before computers and everything I did was handwritten. The funny thing is, what I finally wrought is in no way even related to what it started out as 20 years ago.

In the meanwhile, I started my own family by adopting a precious baby girl, so between being a new mommy and teaching, the writing took a far back seat. Then I had precious baby girl #2 and adorable baby boy #3. Still the writing sat in the file cabinet. Lastly, we adopted the final sweet baby boy #4 and shortly after that I retired from teaching permanently.

By that time, we were living in the countryside of North Florida and I was running a vacation rental business out of the log cabin on our property. So I took my computer to the cabin every morning after the school run and wrote and wrote. For 18 months I did this and out came child #5: The first book of a series called Between the Dark and the Light: Vigorios for Alcedonia Volume I.

I was a very proud Mama and immediately sent my baby off to a publisher so they could tell me what a wonderful thing I had birthed. But, of course, that’s not what happened at all. Instead, I spent the next 18 months rewriting, revising and editing to make it the truly wonderful story it is now.

For an excerpt from Between the Dark and the Light go to the excerpt page of this blog. Tell me what you think. Each post I’ll list a new chapter so subscribe and get a good idea if you like it, then buy the book!


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  1. I agree with everything you have written. I too went through all that you speak to and frankly, the tests and doctor work did most of the damage. I have never smoked, I have never had a problem nor a worry and I have been happy every day of my life. I am not overweight, and don’t use salt. But, having said that, my family has a history of the irregular heart beat and the stop and start of which I am the worst. The only time I went through Triage was when the medical expert was convinced that all of his test equipment was broken. I kept telling him that those irregular pulse blips were normal for me and he said impossible. I left that test of thirty years ago and started laughing when my heart began acting up. I love life and all the miracles come along, don’t you.
    I also quit going to see doctors. Dr Robert E McGinnis (that Dr is in education and not medical, thank you) If you Google my name, be sure to put quotations marks fore and aft as there are a few of us. My son and grandson also sport the DR title.

    • Thank you for commenting, “Dr. McGinnis”, lol. How awesome that Dr. runs through the family instead of bad genes. Sometimes we just have to live with what life tossed into our salad and make the best of it. At least I now know my arteries are clean and at my age and upbringing, that’s remarkable. And since I’m educating my own children they shouldn’t have to worry at all. Keep living and loving and laughing. Rebecca

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