puppy up close

SO, we were watching tv last evening, it had been raining for hours; a light drizzle mostly. We heard a strange sound over Eureka, so I muted the tv. My husband asked, “Does that sound like cats fighting?” We have 4 outdoor cats who fight off intruders all the time, so it was a possibility.

We listened until it happened again and my husband got up, went out front to see what was happening. He came to the window and crooked a finger at me. Curious, I, too, went outside. He was peering down at something from the porch. I thought maybe an armadillo or possum, we get them all the time where we live.

To my surprise, I saw a teeny tiny tan, muddy, wet puppy. He was crying pitifully between growls.

Now, you have to understand. We’re cat people. We have 2 in and 4 out. We’ve tried dogs about 3 times previously and never made it past the housebreaking stage. So here we are, holding a trembling, wet, crying puppy that God or some other divine force delivered at out doorstep.

Needless to say my kids, with the exception of my teenaged son who dislikes dogs completely, wants to keep him. We took him to the vet and got rid of the fleas and checked him over. He’s about 6 weeks old and healthy.

They said others had brought similar puppies in, apparently the owner distributed them throughout the neighborhood. At least he didn’t kill them.

We’re having trouble naming him, though, we all want something different. So I’m asking for recommendations. What would you name him? Comment and let me know.

puppy 2

So, since we kept the crate and leash from the last try, I guess we’ll try again. He is awfully cute. And he seems to be quiet, which is probably why we prefer cats.

Oh, yeah, the cats. Boy are they pissed!


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  1. That is such a poignant story — how could you not keep him? I wonder how far he’d come to find your porch. As for a name, if he’d been in a basket you could have called him Moses! What do the children want to call him? Perhaps you should twitter a shortlist and see what reaction you get.

    Give the pup a cuddle from me,
    Carole aka ‘cazutt’

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