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Young Adult Dark Fantasy Novel Series


I did something novel over the past few weeks.

I rewrote my first novel and it almost completely changed. It even has a new name as do all of the characters. What has happened in effect is I have a Middle Grades novel, the first one, and a Young Adult, the second one.

It was an interesting exercise taking the old story and rewriting it for an older audience. I got to create new characters. I added an element of romance. I even added new dangers and adventures.

In fact, the story grew so much it has become two novels. I’m very excited to finish the editing and get the new novel out there for you readers to evaluate.

I’ve even posted the first three chapters here to whet your whistle. Let me know what you think.

Here’s what the new story is about:

19-year-old Falon ‘Andria’ Watts is a sophomore at Jacksonville University, living alone in a dingy apartment within walking distance of the college and working as a waitress at Renee’s Spaghetti Barn, which is within walking distance as well. Having been very sheltered and very fat in high-school (and having lost the weight and become quite beautiful once she left home and matured) she has never had a boyfriend or even been on a date until she accidentally and repeatedly bumps into her soul-mate at the college.

19-year-old Michael Clancy Osburn is a sophomore at JU living in a suburban house with his very ill 15-year-old sister. He goes to school, works full-time at repairing computers and takes care of his sister because his parents were killed recently and he assumed the responsibility for his sister. He doesn’t have time for a girlfriend; until he meets his soul-mate at college when she keeps bumping into him at lunch.

Together they discover an insidious evil creeping slowly throughout the world. Then strange and bizarre visions begin assaulting Andria’s dreams and waking hours. Demons and people who shape-change into dragons appear around any corner without notice or warning.

Andria’s world begins to spin out of control.

Then she finds there is another young man who desires her attention. And this dark eyed, dark haired, dangerous-looking college student makes her feel strange in ways Michael never has. And while she enjoys the attention she also fears the ramifications.

Finally Andria is approached by an Angel with a revelation of her destiny. And it isn’t going to unfold on Earth. And she doesn’t have any choice in accepting it. And neither does Michael.

So click on the page labeled Portal to Cimmeria and read the excerpts for yourself.


What Happens When A Dream Cannot Be Followed


How do you comfort a child who is passionate about something that she suddenly finds she can no longer participate in because her body is rebelling? What do you say that is meaningful?

Last week I took my daughter to see a Pulmonary specialist. She has developed Activity-Induced Asthma. The problem? She’s a long-distance runner. She’s been competing in Cross Country at the high school for several years. She worked incredibly hard all summer to improve her speed and endurance. That was when she discovered she couldn’t make the full 10-mile run.
Before turning to track and cross country, she played soccer for several years. She was darn good at it, never stopping for one and half hours. So what we can’t figure out is why this happened now? She’s a senior and this was her last year to run. That’s the devastating part.
The doctor gave us a booklet about asthma, pointing out a graphic listing of possible triggers. As we studied the chart we realized she has nearly every trigger listed.
We live in a Victorian home with original windows and doors; therefore dust.
We live in the country; lots of blooming plants and grasses.
We live in Florida; humidity all summer and fall, blooming grasses, trees, etc for nine months.
She’s under stress; dual enrolled at the community college (three classes per semester); straight A student; running coach on her back because she thinks my daughter is ‘faking it’ (even though my daughter is the ONLY member of the team who made every single practice twice a day all summer; and uses an inhaler before running and during.)
She inherited external allergies and asthma from her grandfather and internal food allergies from her grandmother. Both are triggers.

Last year her track team made it to District Finals for the first time in the history of the school. Their goal this year is Regionals. She really has her heart set on running the 400. So we all decided she knows her body, she’s eighteen years old and knows when to quit. She’ll condition for track when it starts. But she’s promised to quit running as soon as her breathing becomes labored.
Her primary doctor explained that she may be allergic to the chemicals that build up in her system during running. If that’s the case she can’t run at all.
In the meanwhile we have an appointment with an Allergy-Asthma specialist. Hopefully they can figure out what’s causing the problem and give her a medicine regime to control it so she can run.

Barbara Padilla-An Inspiration to Us All


This is talent like I’ve never seen. What a fantastic woman. She has overcome incredible odds to be where she is today. And with a voice and manner like she has there’ll be no stopping her now.

For five years Barbara Padilla battled cancer and has been in remission for the past ten years. She adopted a beautiful little girl because the cancer caused fertility issues. She is THE consumate example of doing whatever it takes to make dreams come true. An absolute inspiration for ALL of us; successful or still trying to be. You go girl!

Here’s her second appearance. It’s even more incredible.

G O D : D O G


The puppy is doing great. We named him Monty. I can’t believe the growth rate. He’s about 4x bigger in just 3 weeks. And boy is he rambunctious. We’re deep into the training stage and so far he seems to be learning well. Except for pooping in his crate. We even walled off part to make a smaller section, but he still goes in there.DSC01964DSC01966

Someone sent this to me in an email and I cried. Perhaps it’s because GOD delivered this adorable DOG to us and we never thought we could warm up to one, but he’s wriggled his way into our hearts, similar to God, I suppose.