Barbara Padilla-An Inspiration to Us All


This is talent like I’ve never seen. What a fantastic woman. She has overcome incredible odds to be where she is today. And with a voice and manner like she has there’ll be no stopping her now.

For five years Barbara Padilla battled cancer and has been in remission for the past ten years. She adopted a beautiful little girl because the cancer caused fertility issues. She is THE consumate example of doing whatever it takes to make dreams come true. An absolute inspiration for ALL of us; successful or still trying to be. You go girl!

Here’s her second appearance. It’s even more incredible.


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  1. “This is talent like I’ve never seen.”

    Have you ever been to opera? Have you ever listened to Renee Fleming or Angela Gheorghiu? Or Natalie Dessay or Dawn Upshaw? Or greatest opera singers of the past?

    Barbara Padilla is very good and extremely talented.
    But there are many other very talented opera singers. Some are as good as Barbara and some are even better (if you can believe it). Now, of course, this is very personal – you may prefer Barbara to some of the better known opera singers or you can prefer someone else. But the thing is — if you are so impressed by an opera singer, maybe you should go to an opera theater? If you’ve never seen such a talent before, maybe you were looking at the wrong places?

    • Thank you for your comment, however I think you misunderstood me. My comment referred to the fact that she is untrained and competing on a talent show. I was not comparing her talent to a professional’s. And I have indeed been to opera, ballet, live theater, concerts, the gamut.

      Thanks, Rebecca Russell

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