Kindle Got You Stumped? You’re Not Alone…


My husband shared a video (not this one) with me today about how the invention of media has affected the value of the message throughout history. When humankind learned to speak, the focus was on forming the sounds of speech and that was where all of the emphasis was placed. What was said was secondary to HOW to say it. But once that was accomplished, it became the message that was important. Unless someone said something worthy of being listened to they were tuned out.

Then writing was introduced and the same thing happened. The process of forming the letters or figures was the focus until it was mastered as which point the message became important. If no one had anything interesting to write, no one bothered to read it.

The printing process brought about the invention of books and everyone wanted to hold one. But since the process was expensive and difficult books became precious in and of themselves. The message then became all important. And from that we gained some of the most valuable literature ever written.

Now we are on the verge of another technological break-through with internet and ebooks and the ease of creating them. Anyone who desires to write can be ‘published’ via a blog or website on the internet or even an ebook for PDF or handheld reader.

As we discussed these issues the following video came to mind. I can only imagine how true (and hilarious) it could have been.


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