New Mexico Women’s Soccer Player #15 a Good Role Model? Maybe As A Bully!


Both of my daughters played high school soccer for several years. We were so excited one year when they both played on the varsity team at the same time. We loved attending the games and watching the skillful dribbling and shooting and defending the ball. And we were extra proud of the good sportsmanlike behavior most of the girls on each team exhibited. There were occasional elbows thrown or ankles kicked with appropriate fouls called. And that was what the game was all about. Good sports behavior and playing because it’s fun.

So imagine my surprise and horror at watching the BYU vs New Mexico Women’s soccer match which looked more like women’s wrestling than soccer. There was more bad behavior in this one game than I’ve ever seen in whole seasons.  I do NOT understand why this bully was allowed to mistreat the opponents time and again in so visible a way that it was caught on numerous video cameras and yet the ref never called a foul?

Player #15 should have been tossed from that game after the first foul. At the very least, now that it is out and about, she should be benched for the remainder of the season.

She is certainly NOT the type of role model I want my girls emulating on or off the field.



Player #15 for New Mexico’s Women’s Soccer has been suspended indefinitely and has issued a letter of apology. That’s a good thing. But if I was still hurting from her fist in my back or yank of a ponytail during something deemed a sport, I might have a problem accepting it after the fact. The truth remains, she played like a heathen and ONLY apologized or got suspended after the uproar was raised.


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  1. Those kind of attitude should be stop in their early age. Parents should really be aware of their kids doing when they are outside the house. In soccer their coaches serve as their second parents that will teach them the right attitude when inside the field. I hope it will never happened to other soccer players.

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