Recycling Items is NOT Charity and It Feels Good, too


The holidays are a time when we think about charity and sharing and giving to those in need. I was recently spoken to by God when he told me to give away the barn full of stuff I’d been preparing for a garage sale.

I had recently joined Freecycle, an interesting way of recycling usable stuff for those who can use it. No money is exchanged. Only good feelings.

My entire life I had been taught to get the value out of stuff and that always meant selling it when I was finished with whatever. So for me to start giving away things was a remarkable step. But I found that the more I give the more I want to give. I find myself looking through my clothes or the house for stuff to give away.

It’s a remarkable feeling to help those who are less fortunate at the moment.


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  1. Great idea. I have had a “backup” computer sitting in my office for about a year now. I got to thinking about how all the “backup” computers I ever owned had not only never been needed, when the master computer finally went down and could no longer be fixed, I invariably went out and bought a new one because the old one was too out of date.

    So… I knew a musician who was strapped for money and whose computer had bit the dust. I gave him my backup. Now it is busy helping make music for the world, I have more room in my office, and I feel great.

    Keep up the good work and interesting ideas.

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