Women Writers of Horror or Dark Fantasy Who Twitter


It used to be that writers of Horror or Dark Fantasy stories were predominantly men. And it still might be that way but women are growing in the writing of those genres. Since joining Twitter I’ve discovered several women, with very interesting Tweets, who write Horror or Dark Fantasy or both.

If you are female and write either genre, DM me on Twitter or leave a comment and I’ll be glad to add your name to this list. Maybe we can grow the list.

Penny Ash                   @PennyAsh       http://www.pucasforest.com

Pale Fire (out Jan 4th)             East Texas

Crystal Connor                        @InknQuill                 http://wordsmithcrystalconnor.blogspot.com

The Darkness (Feb)

Cecilia Dominic                      @RandomOenophile  http://www.random-oenophile.blogspot.com

Wolfsbane Manor (not pub yet)                      Decatur, Ga

Izabella Jamrocha        @IssyJam                    http://www.halfbloodtrilogy.com

Revelation (working on it)      Nunya, IL

Lynette Mejia              @Carinthia                  http://www.lynettemejia.com

Best of Horror, Fantasy & Science Fiction of 2009 (anthology)        Lafayette, La

Cheryl Rainfield                     @CherylRainfield       http://www.cherylrainfield.com/blog

Dragon Speaker: The Last Dragon    Toronto, On

Lesli Richardson                     @madmumbler        http://www.leslirichardson.com

Out of the Darkness Charlotte County, Fl

Rebecca Ryals Russell            @vigorio                     http://www.yellowhatwriterrrussell.com

Odessa, Zarena, Jeremiah Holyfield, Prophecy, Don’t Make Marty Mad (by Calico Skelly)     Wellborn, Fl

Anyta Sunday             @AnytaSunday

Monica Valentinelli     @mlvalentine              http://www.mlvwrites.com

Buried Tales of Pinebox, Tx (an Anthology with David Wellington)          Madison, WI

Angel Wilson              @FLAngel03              http://www.forevermarked.blogspot.com

Forbidden Children (not pub yet)       West Palm Beach, Fl

Heather S. Ingemar            @heatheringemar

Seawillow M. Allen          @seawillowA

971 Mockberry Lane     Arizona

Nicky Peacock          @nickyp_author          http://www.creativemindswriting.co.uk

Stacey Katheryn          http://staceykatheryn.wordpress.com


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  1. I’m not on Twitter, but I am a dark fantasy/paranormal horror female writer. Staceykatheryn.wordpress.com. You can find pieces of my first novel at Sangueseries.wordpress.com..I loved this post. I’m glad to find there are other female authors in the same genres!

  2. Just came across this – are you pretty much sticking to print writers? I write and produce an award-winning audio drama, 19 Nocturne Boulevard, which is an anthology that ranges through horror, dark fantasy, light fantasy, sci fi, dark social commentary, and humor.

    Oh, and I’m female.
    –Julie Hoverson

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