Red Room Assignment: Favorite Novel


The assignment for this week’s Red Room Blog was to write about my favorite novel. It’s so hard for me to select one favorite novel. I have so many that have touched my life and my writing it would be impossible to choose one.

The Lord of the Ring series has influenced me through my love of dragons and mythical creatures, world and language creation as well as how people treat one another. My current WIP series is heavily influenced by JRR Tolkien’s vision.

Then there’s The Good Earth by Pearl S. Buck which I read as a teen. Scenes from that book have haunted me since. I learned so much about Chinese culture and history from that book. I’ve even adopted a Vietnamese child.

1984 by George Orwell is one I’ve read several times over the decades. It is timeless and meaningful in any society at any given moment. I love its dark nature and the struggle for freedoms that we take for granted; the right to love whomever we choose, the right to READ.

Along those same lines I love The Giver by Lois Lowry. Again it is dark with spears of light and warmth. The reader grows along with the main character and you find yourself crying, rejoicing or mourning whenever he does. Few stories have moved me the way that one did.

And of course I adore ALL of the Harry Potter books. The characters are lovable, quirky, fun to read about and the darkness of the story is heavily punctuated with light-hearted moments. I only wish my own writing could be as universally read and my characters as universally loved.

So, as you can see, there is NO way I could select ONE favorite novel. I could actually keep listing stories that have touched my life and writing, but I won’t bore you. Discover your own list by reading, reading, reading. Discover other worlds to visit and meet new friends in books. You can check out my Dragons in the Dark  Volume I: Threshold on this blog or at Between the Dark and the Light.


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  1. The novel has consumed me for most of my life. I read Tolkien when I was eight, and wanted to be a storyteller. I discovered the modernists in my teens and wanted to experiment. But a favorite? Difficult. Kobe Abe’s “The Box Man” perhaps, or Kate Chopin’s “The Awakening.” These are sad books I realize now. This is also a small test in personal psychology.

    • Wow! That was tough reading at age 8. I have to admit, though, it’s a story that sticks with you forever. And for a fantasy or spec author it’s a major influence.

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