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G O D : D O G


The puppy is doing great. We named him Monty. I can’t believe the growth rate. He’s about 4x bigger in just 3 weeks. And boy is he rambunctious. We’re deep into the training stage and so far he seems to be learning well. Except for pooping in his crate. We even walled off part to make a smaller section, but he still goes in there.DSC01964DSC01966

Someone sent this to me in an email and I cried. Perhaps it’s because GOD delivered this adorable DOG to us and we never thought we could warm up to one, but he’s wriggled his way into our hearts, similar to God, I suppose.


Technology: The More I Learn the Behinder I Feel


I’ve always considered myself pretty tech savvy. Always had the latest (or nearly) computer, digital camera, Blackberry, etc. And guess who the IT person in our house is….

So how did I get so far behind on all of this internet stuff? I’ve been on the internet since its inception; have 3 websites; but only recently discovered Podcasting, Twittering, and Blogging.

I guess I’m one of those old-fashioned people you hear about who’s clueless, or nearly, so now I’m running breakneck to catch up. The only problem with new technology is the more you try to stay current, the behinder you get.

So, now that I have this ‘fancy’ blog up and running and my websites are finished, I’ll move on to my podcast. All I have to do is figure out how to get it from my computer to the internet. But that’s what Google is for. Shouldn’t be hard to do, right? I’ll let you know.

One thing all writers with blogs or sites SHOULD have is a Social Media Page.  Check out mine and feel free to copy. Look at Carolyn Howard-Johnson’s. Hers was the first I saw. But add one of your own and make life much easier for yourself and followers.

Stay tuned for future blogs, I’m researching one that will be a HUGE benefit to all writers but especially if you’re building a platform.