For 25 years I had an idea about children from around the world gathering to battle evil and and save the world.  I’ve read fantasy and science fiction with occasional historical fiction thrown in, all of my life.  So it was only natural I would think about writing one.  In 7th grade I read Lord of the Rings, one right after the other, and was hooked.

Then, in 2007, after retiring from teaching and with the kids old enough to take care of themselves and drive and such, I finally had the time to devote to putting to paper was was in my head.  The result of that is my new novel series (yes, it grew from a book to a series of 5 books), The Seraphym Wars Series.

On this page I will explain a little about the basic plot and characters, as well as show you some of the illustrations that began to pour from my pencil as I thought about the story.

I have yet to find an agent or publisher for this series, but I am dauntless and continue the search daily. Somewhere, someone will appreciate the depth of the story and characters and, like me, want the world to discover it, too.

Myrna Ashlin Watts sees dragons. But they aren’t flying through the sky. They aren’t burning down castles. They are people. They’re walking down the sidewalk. Even buying bananas at the grocery store. One minute they are people, the next they are amber dragons the size of a large dog with glaring red eyes and horns on their heads. Her problem is she’s the only one who sees them. But when they realize she sees them her real problems begin. Or do they? Because…..

Her time has come. The Prophecy must be fulfilled. Now average college student Myrna must lead a group of seven teens and children across monster infested Thule to the island of Caldelub. Once there, they will train with the Majikals for the final battle between good and evil. Between the demons of Tartarus and the Seraphym of Asgard.

Many pitfalls occur to the little band of innocents including attacks by the evil Nefars, advisors to Narciss who rules the underworld of Tartarus. Myrna finds love in the form of Michael her guide and protector, Bartholomew the charming scientist who studies sea monsters and Conall, the massive very sensual warrior who insists on joining her quest.

Joined by six other teens, the seven Vigorios, Child Warriors of Asgard, prepare to fulfill their destiny and save Earth and Thule from Narciss and his Legio. Will they provide the turning point in the war? With the help of the Seraphym will they succeed in destroying evil that has existed for millennia?

For more pictures and details about them, visit Between the Dark and the Light. While you’re there, leave me a note on the guest register or comment on this blog and I’ll let you know when I get this published.


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