There are many places on the wide world web to find me.  Below is a list of the profile page sites, reading sites, writing sites, etc. where you may contact me, friend me, follow me.  Please, check them all out and contact me.  I’m always looking for a good friend, reading or writing buddy.

Website for Seraphym Wars

Another website/blog geared at teens Seraphym Wars How to Write

Videos for Seraphym Wars Prophecy-Series and

for the 1st Book ODYSSEY

Rate My Book Video

Facebook Personal Page

Facebook Fan Page


Author’s Den Profile

Jacket Flap Profile

Inked In (members only-for writers, musicians, artists)

Agent Query Profile


Linked In (members only)

She Writes


Book Trailer Central


Creative Workshop

Coffee’s Hot


SCBWI Member (Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators)

acfw Member (American Christian Fiction Writers)

Living Social Books

The CBI Clubhouse Children’s Writing Community

Nothing Binding

Bearly Books

Teen Fire



Booksie exerpts

Kelsey Grammer

1909 McLeran House Website

Florida Black Bear Cabin Website

Facebook for Florida Black Bear Cabin


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  1. Thank you for your sweet words at Goodreads. I have been networking a lot on my own and am now getting a pretty good following. I am following you as well.

    Take care,

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