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Some Florida Writers Who Twitter


Out of curiosity I wondered how many Florida writers were on Twitter so I searched Twellow and amassed the following list. If you are a writer living in Florida with a Twitter account and wish to be included on this list, comment me and I’ll add you.

cori padgett | @coripadgett Lover of Rain..Slightly OCD..Stellar Professional Writer.. Young Mom!  Location: Orlando, Florida

SeoulLady.Com | @SeoulLady Hi, my name is Victoria, I ‘ve just come down to Miami, Florida. Some people call me Liz. My website will tell you how to become a good writer !

ashleyladd | @ashleyladd love to read and write erotic romance – vampire, time-travel, comedy-contemporary, M/F, M/M, MMF. I want to network with other writers, readers, moms, American Idol, cat, and Star Trek lovers.  http://www.total-e-bound.com

Susan M. Heim | @ParentingAuthor Mother of 4 – two teenagers and preschool twins (all boys). Author of 5 books, including 2 about twins. Former Chicken Soup for the Soul editor.

Ron Williams | @inkwest Writer / Designer / Evil Genius / Artist / Graphic Novelist  Location: Jacksonville, Florida

Kathy Riordan | @katriord One woman’s view of life and the universe.

Sandy Hall | @sandyhall I am an Author, Online Entrepreneur, EBook Creator | Writer | Publisher.. I Love Working Online and Helping People With Affiliate | Internet | eBay Marketing Location: Treasure Coast – Sunny Florida

Rashad Jennings | @RashadJennings Writing a book. Enjoy causing ppl to slow down and “think” Always laughing 🙂 Just drafted by the Jacksonville Jaguars #23. I play guitar. enjoy the follow!

Don Millard |@OTOOLEFAN Sardonic Writer and Artist, Current PressRoom Drone Loves Peter O’Toole, Writing, Comedy and All Things Irish  Location: Florida (Tan Belt)

Maria Nerius | @MariaNerius Craft professional, author, writer, gardener, and pet owner. I’m here to network with other creative people! Fibromyalgia is a part of my life.


Sue Reddy | @reddywriting Publicist, Fiction Writer of Navy SEALs, sports fan. Don’t send quizzes. I don’t take them.

Sandra Friend | @sandrafriend Florida travel writer, author, blogger, speaker, hiker, trail enthusiast. Member SATW, ASJA, FOWA, SCBWI. Take a hike, Florida!  Location: Ocala, FL

Janet Dawson | @PoetJanetDawson A Writer 1 book published (G MarksThe Spot)working on the other one (The Art Of Me),

Andrea Shea King | @RadioPatriot Radio show host/Writer/columnist at World Net Daily  Location: Central Florida

Christian M. Archer | @carcher777 I am a novelist and creative writing teacher!  Location: Jasper, Florida

Teresa Mears | @miamicheap Teresa Mears is a publisher, editor, writer and owner of South Florida On the Cheap blogs   Location: Miami

Kevin Lintner | @kjlintner Horror Writer. Musician. Husband. Father. Socialist. Equal Opportunity Annoyer. If you are stupid, I will find you, and mock you mercilessly.

DebraMarrs | @DebraMarrs Editor and Coach for Writers. Author of: Writing Your Life Stories. Help U Get Organized to Get Your Writing Project Launched, Build A Platform, Generate Buzz

bohemianliving | @bohemianliving Hippie-used to practice law now Im writing and flying free- Live Free Write Well Location: Orlando, Florida

Janet Conner | @janetconner Writing Down Your Soul, Conari Press.Madly in love with soul writing, science&spirituality, mystical poetry, prayer. Teach how to connect with the Voice within.  Location: Ozona, Florida

Florida Book News | @FloridaBookNews Florida Book News is dedicated to getting the word out about Florida writers, books and organizations.

Kim Weiss | @kimmerieweiss Author, Writer & Book Coach-PR Director-Blog Mistress-Music Lover/Singerhttp://www.helpmewithmybook.com/blog

Charles Dennis | @WriterCharlesD Writer, Poet of 30 years. Location: Cape Coral, Florida.

The Hive Mind | @thehivemind Writer, WriteTilt.com Artiste, geek, bookworm, sci-fi fan, forward-thinker, perfectionist, loner, tea drinker, music lover, film nut, vegan

The 23rd | @writefast Author of the soon to be released SciFi:365, writer, podcaster, artist, geek dad, rolaids, caffeine, http://the23rd.ning.com/

Joseph Paulino | @JoePinOrl Poet, Writer, Entrepreneur  Location: Orlando, Florida

George LaCas | @George9Writer Writer & Artist … author of The Legend of Jimmy Gollihue

Kim Molner | @OfCourage Kim Molner is a cartoonist, illustrator and writer.

Jill Christine | @mintconspiracy Writer (chick lit, short horror, YA paranormal), designer, monster wrangler. I sell plush creatures via Etsy when I’m not serving as my muses’ secretary.

Crimson Shrine | @CrimsonShrine I am a writer, artist, philosopher and poet

LindaStamberger | @LindaStamberger Author, Editor, Freelance Writer, Artist. Recently finished my first fiction novel; ROMANTIC SUSPENSE

Susan Hilliard | @writingsh53 Writing Resources, Book Reviews & Writing Tips Location: Cape Coral, Florida

Charlene Weston | @charleneweston I’m charming, friendly and honest. I love writing fictional and non-fictional stories as: horror, love and children etc. Also,into knowledge & personal growth. Location: Miami, Florida

SaraRoseWrites | @skirtsararose Writer and Moe’s steak burrito consumer  Location: Jacksonville, Florida

Lou Belcher | @LouWrites Writer, editor, photographer. Writing,editing and consulting on book-length fiction and non-fiction, and blogging.

Helen Akers | @HSPWriter Creative writer, highly sensitive person, INFP, philosophy, spirituality, music, film, theatre enthusiast  Location: N. Colorado/Tampa,Florida

Harley May | @harleymaywrites Super mutant wife mom lady. Writer of many short stories and a YA urban fantasy. A reader, joker, drinker, and biter of babies.

Patricia Byron | @1abstractgirl Artist, teacher, writer, poet…

Jhonny Thermidor | @JhonnyThermidor I’m a student. I can see myself as a successful poet in the next few years, I enjoy writing & reading. Poetry is my passion.My passion is what keeps me alive.

TammyMcDuffie | @TammyMcDuffie I am a single mother of 5, I’m a writer, poet, and a giver of wisdom and LOVE!!!   Location: Cape Canaveral, Florida

Kimberly | @gladeslibrarian First, I’m a mom. Next, I’m a librarian interested in sharing great books that entertain, encourage, enlighten, enrich and empower young adults. I’m also a chicken owner, quilter, knitter, reader, writer, YA book reviewer, weight trainer and more.  Location: South Florida

Roy Peter Clark | @RoyPeterClark Taught writing at Poynter since 1977. Author of the book Writing Tools.  Location: St. Petersburg, Florida

Ray Cates | @rcates2 Writer, teacher, book store owner  Location: Ocala & Port Orange Florida

JC Hutchins / @jchutchins Writer, Published Author/Podcaster  http://JCHutchins.net/order Location: Ft Lauderdale

Stacie McElroy/ @stacielcm http://lottelinedesign365.blogspot.com

Medeia Sharif/ @sharifwrites http://sharifwrites.com

Eric Taubert/ @EricTaubert http://capecoralbarometer.com Location: Cape Coral, Fl

Gail Shepherd/ @gailshepherd  http://gailshepherd.blogspot.com  Location: Lake Worth, Fl

Rebecca Ryals Russell | @Vigorio Writer of MG and YA Dark Fantasy; Vacation Rental Owner; Mommy and Wife http://yellowhatwriterrrussell.com Location: Wellborn, North Central Florida, USA


Freedom – Just How Free Are We Right Now?


The concept of freedom is completely ambivalent. While I live in America, Home of the Free and Land of the Brave, I do enjoy a wide number of freedoms that citizens across the world do not. I can speak about what I wish to whomever I wish. I can come and go at will pretty much wherever I wish. I can write whatever I want without fear of censorship, although there are times recently when that seems threatened. I have the freedom to worship, or not, as I wish and to say whatever I feel about God or his non-existence.

So why is it that I feel trapped and without freedom? Six years ago my mother died of a massive brain aneurism and I transplanted my youngish family from our established 25-year home in the growing metropolis of Jacksonville. We moved 80 miles west to a community with a blinking light and post office as its claim to fame between Lake City and Live Oak. My father, married for over 50 years, needed a surrogate care-taker because he’d never cooked or done laundry. So we chose to move. We sold our house and moved into a dream house. A 100-year-old Victorian with wrap-around porch, huge floored attic, the biggest bedrooms we’ve ever seen, completely renovated and beautiful, on 5 lovely acres in the country. Mama and Daddy had done wonders with it over the 20 years they’d worked on it. Daddy retired at age 55 from the Broward County school system and they’d split from South Florida to resettle in North Florida.

The house was beautiful, if full of antiques (they were both collectors) and stuff. It took me over five years to finally sell or give away all of the stuff they’d accumulated. Anyway, we settled in and cleaned house. We had it repainted in and out, new wallpapers and curtains. We made it home. Daddy had a cozy log house built on the property so he could maintain some semblance of sanity. It had been a long time since he’d been part of a busy six-member household.

Well, Daddy died about three years later and we had an auction to get rid of the rest of their stuff and put the big house on the market. We wanted to go back ‘home’ to Jacksonville. Oh, by the way, my husband still works in Jax, driving three hours a day on the interstate.

That was when the market collapsed. I tried selling the house myself for a year and got a few nibbles.   http://www.mcleranhouse.com Then we hired a realtor with NO nibbles. We were stuck. We are stuck. We can’t abandon it like some others are who are being foreclosed upon. We own it outright. We need the sale to buy a new house. So our freedom, and that of a lot of others in America right now, has been obliterated until America gets back on its feet after this depression. And yes, it is a depression when so many are out of work and losing homes.

But, to end on an up note, because I believe we will all pick up the country by the boot straps and move forward, this will not last forever. And as I and one of my daughters like to do; we look for the silver-lining, because we know it is there somewhere.  One benefit has been turning the log house into a Vacation Rental business. It allowed me to quit teaching as it provides a fairly decent income.http://www.flablackbearcabin.com