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Writing in the Country – An Idyllic Life?


One might assume, if one saw me sitting in the corner of the Parlor of my 100-year-old Victorian home where my ‘office’ is located, that with the views of my 5 acres of grass and trees and no houses or kids playing in the street, I would be happy.on swing reading

It’s not that I’m NOT happy. But I’m a city girl. Raised in a suburb of Ft Lauderdale in the 60’s, then when married lived in population-bursting Orlando for 8 years. Moved to population-exploding Jacksonville for 25 years, now living in Lake City, with a total population of about 12 has come as quite a social shock to my system.standing by dragon at pond

I didn’t really choose to live here, either, which is part of the problem. I didn’t even choose the house and property. (Looks up to Heaven) Not that I’m complaining Mama and Daddy, but I wish I was back in Jacksonville. I’m glad I had the ‘old house’ experience I always dreamed of, but we’re over it now and want a brand spanking new one.

You see, 5 years ago Mama died of a massive aneurism in her brain. My parents had been married for 52 years, so Daddy had no idea how to take care of himself. He took care of the house and property, she took care of him. So when she left so abruptly it fell on me to take care of him. He wouldn’t leave his home, so we left Jacksonville. And our beloved, remodeled home. And pool. And pleasant to stroll around, safe for the kiddies  gated neighborhood.

hs frm gdn crnrAt first glance you’d say, But don’t you love having no traffic or accidents?  Yes, of course. But I miss shopping at a mall. Ours has about 5 stores. I miss a big, plush movie theatre. Ours is from the 70’s and has never been remodeled. We just got a Starbucks last year. We have NO Target! We have to choose from the same 20 restaurants every time we eat out. Sure, we can drive to Gainesville for all of these things, a hour away, but who wants to drive that far to eat out? Besides, my husband drives 1.5 hours to Jacksonville daily to work then 1.5 hours home….DAILY. See what I mean? I’ve done more Internet shopping since moving here than ever. All the money I used to spend at Target goes to Shell Gas now.

Our house has been on the market for 2 years. It’s a beautiful house and property, everybody tells us so. But Daddy died as the market collapsed, so we’re stuck.Even if someone wanted it, they’d have to sell their first and so on and so on.

BUT, I have beautiful views from every window and quiet to write. I guess that’s worth a lot. Not to mention a house we own, today that’s priceless.  Even if I have to drive 25 miles a day to get the kids from school.