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Guidelines for Writing Children’s Books


Many new writers are unaware there are guidelines and rules for numbers of pages or words per type of literature as well as specific ages each category applies to. Listed below is a compilation of some of these guidelines.

PICTURE BOOKS for  ages 3-6, fiction/nonfiction: standard is 32 pages with up to about 600 words. This includes text and illustrations.

PICTURE BOOKS for ages 4-8, fiction/nonfiction: average of 32 pages (can go up to 40 pages for older readers) or up to about 1000 words including text and illustrations. No controlled vocabulary since meant to be read aloud to children.

EASY READERS for ages 5-9, fiction/nonfiction: generally run from 32-64 pages with text running from 100 words to about 2000 words. Geared for children beginning to read independently these books usually include illustrations. Stories should include dialogue and action. Can include a few words per page up to chapters.

FICTION PICTURE BOOKS for ages 6-10: can be up to 1400 words with about 40 pages. Geared for third through fifth grade classrooms. Intended for teachers to use as tie-in with school subjects.

NONFICTION PICTURE BOOKS for ages 8-12: with 48 pages and up to 2000 words, these books are aimed at the middle grade reader. Illustrated with photographs or drawings, maps, etc. they often include sidebar information.

CHAPTER BOOKS for ages 6-10: these average 6,000-15,000 words with 64-96 pages. Most have black & white illustrations. They are short novels divided into about four chapters and should utilize dialogue and action. Characters are usually the same age as the reader.

MIDDLE GRADES for ages 8-12, fiction/nonfiction: usually run 84-150 pages long with about 20,000-35,000 words. Fiction has no illustrations; Nonfiction includes black & white drawings or color photos. Characters should be 10-13 years old.

UPPER MIDDLE GRADES for ages 10-14, fiction/nonfiction: these run slightly longer to about 40,000 words. Characters are typically ages 12-15 with more intense conflict than MG books.

YOUNG ADULT for ages 12+, fiction/nonfiction: most average 150-200 pages with about 40,000-60,000 words. Characters are generally in high school and conflicts reflect situations/problems typical to that age group. Nonfiction explores subject aimed at 8th grade and above.

YOUNG ADULT for ages 14+, fiction/nonfiction: these average 150-300 pages with up to 90,000 words. While characters are generally in high school, some may be older, like in college. Conflicts should still reflect situations/problems the reader expects to have to deal with eventually. Nonfiction is the same as above.

POETRY: Poetry can be targeted for any age reader from PICTURE BOOK to ADULT. Many PICTURE BOOKS tend to rhyme anyway and should revolve around an image or action specific to the young reader. YOUNG ADULT poetry tends to be anthologies or collections and can be more open-ended and abstract.


A List of YA Fantasy Writers on Twitter


Twitter is an awesome place for finding like-minded individuals to learn from, converse with or network with. Here is a listing of YA Fantasy Authors who Twitter. If you’d like to be added, let me know. Enjoy.

tamoor | @tamoor Astrologer, Metaphysician, EFT, Writer, Author, Award Winning Author, Young Adult Fantasy, Dragons, Fairies, Visionary Fiction, Juvenile Fiction, YA Fantasy, Epic Fantasy, Books, Book Reviews, Editor, FREE Ebook, Publish, Publishing, Independent Publishing.  http://www.talesoftamoor.com Location: Umpqua Valley, Oregon

The Enchanted Inkpot | @EnchantedInkpot We are a community for writers and readers of middle grade and young adult fantasy.

Robert Jeschonek | @TheFictioneer Writer of urban fantasy, scifi, mystery, comics, Star Trek, Doctor Who, and more. Watch for upcoming Clarion young adult novel My Favorite Band Does Not Exist. Location: Johnstown, Pennsylvania

Carmen Bowles | @Cabowles2486 I’m writer who is a future bestseller from H-town. Genres: Young adult Romance, some sci-fi, and fantasy. I’m going for my degree in English.  Location: Houston, Texas

Marissa Miranda | @marissamiranda Current college student aiming to become a published young adult fantasy writer  Location: Florida, USA

Trulie Peterson | @TruliePeterson Writer of Young Adult fantasy and science fiction, among other things. Location: Florida

rrsmythe | @rrsmythe Young Adult Historical Fantasy Writer, therapist, taxi driver etc  Location: In the woods

Fiona Tankard | @writerinitaly British ghostwriter, writer and seo writer who has lived in Italy since 1994.  http://www.spiderywriting.com Location: Tuscany, Italy

Katherine Stillwater | @KStillwater Writer. Editing my first novel (Seventh Veil). Genre: young adult, urban fantasy, and paranormal-romance. Also, seeking an agent.  Location: West Hollywood, CA

Cheryl Rainfield / @cherylrainfield  Writer of Fantasy and Realistic YA. http://cheryl@cherylrainfield.com

Rebecca Ryals Russell / @vigorio Writer of MG and YA Dark Fantasy. http://yellowhatwriterrrussell.com Location: Wellborn, North Central Florida

The Seraphym Wars by Rebecca Ryals Russell 2 New Book Videos


After having a vision of her brother burning alive, 19-year-old Myrna finds herself in the middle of an epic battle between good and evil. An average college student from Florida, she wakes one morning on the Steampunk planet of Thule, home of the demon-dragons responsible for her brother’s death and many other atrocities in the news. She meets Michael (19) who explains that according to prophecy, Myrna must gather the remaining six Vigorios (child warriors) then train with the Majikals on an enchanted island. But first she has to get there.

Reluctant to lead, she nonetheless agrees, battling dragons and monsters along the journey, locating three of the Vigorios. However, complications occur when three young men, not Vigorios, are drawn to her and two of them, her sweet & sensitive trainer Michael and a brusque, sensual half-naked warrior, insist on accompanying her.  The third, a dark and handsome, charming, intelligent rogue with possibly dark motives, drops in occasionally to stir the pot.

Characters with horrific pasts like Brigid (17) who was kidnapped for child slavery and watched as three demon bullies “accidentally” killed her baby sister or Tien (10) raised in the foster care system going from one abusive home to the next or Liam (18) whose best friend died of a heart attack while playing a vile video game and then his mother was murdered in her bed, give readers a reason for cheering these heroes to victory.

Book 2, Harpies, follows the remaining 3 Vigorios as they battle Harpies, dragons in hand-to-hand combat, nightghasts, a warlock and more in their journey to the island. Along the way they find friendship and love, trust and distrust.

Book 3, Majikals, follows a year of training on the Enchanted Island of Caldelub where the Majikals escaped after the Great Shuddering. Here the Vigorios will discover themselves and each other as they learn weaponry, majik and love. But everything on the island is not as it should be and trouble begins when the Vigorios find this out.

Book 4, Uprising, follows the Vigorios and the others who choose to accompany them on their return journey. But travel is not as easy as it was before as Narciss is now aware of the prophecy and his danger.

Book 5, Annihilation, concludes the series with a massive battle between the Seraphym of Asgard and the Dragon-Demons of Tartarus. The Vigorios and friends assist the Seraphym thereby fulfilling the prophecy. But things may not always conclude the way one would assume.

The Seraphym Wars     Prophecy Book Video

The Seraphym Wars   Vigorios 7: ODYSSEY (Book 1)