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A List of YA Fantasy Writers on Twitter


Twitter is an awesome place for finding like-minded individuals to learn from, converse with or network with. Here is a listing of YA Fantasy Authors who Twitter. If you’d like to be added, let me know. Enjoy.

tamoor | @tamoor Astrologer, Metaphysician, EFT, Writer, Author, Award Winning Author, Young Adult Fantasy, Dragons, Fairies, Visionary Fiction, Juvenile Fiction, YA Fantasy, Epic Fantasy, Books, Book Reviews, Editor, FREE Ebook, Publish, Publishing, Independent Publishing. Location: Umpqua Valley, Oregon

The Enchanted Inkpot | @EnchantedInkpot We are a community for writers and readers of middle grade and young adult fantasy.

Robert Jeschonek | @TheFictioneer Writer of urban fantasy, scifi, mystery, comics, Star Trek, Doctor Who, and more. Watch for upcoming Clarion young adult novel My Favorite Band Does Not Exist. Location: Johnstown, Pennsylvania

Carmen Bowles | @Cabowles2486 I’m writer who is a future bestseller from H-town. Genres: Young adult Romance, some sci-fi, and fantasy. I’m going for my degree in English.  Location: Houston, Texas

Marissa Miranda | @marissamiranda Current college student aiming to become a published young adult fantasy writer  Location: Florida, USA

Trulie Peterson | @TruliePeterson Writer of Young Adult fantasy and science fiction, among other things. Location: Florida

rrsmythe | @rrsmythe Young Adult Historical Fantasy Writer, therapist, taxi driver etc  Location: In the woods

Fiona Tankard | @writerinitaly British ghostwriter, writer and seo writer who has lived in Italy since 1994. Location: Tuscany, Italy

Katherine Stillwater | @KStillwater Writer. Editing my first novel (Seventh Veil). Genre: young adult, urban fantasy, and paranormal-romance. Also, seeking an agent.  Location: West Hollywood, CA

Cheryl Rainfield / @cherylrainfield  Writer of Fantasy and Realistic YA.

Rebecca Ryals Russell / @vigorio Writer of MG and YA Dark Fantasy. Location: Wellborn, North Central Florida


Young Adult (YA) Writers on Twitter


I finished my NaNoWriMo novel already at 81,063 words! I’m sure my family missed me but it sure feels good getting it finished. I’ve even edited it and sent it to a publisher. Cross your fingers.

Following is a list of YA Writers on Twitter.

Cynthia Sue Larson | @cynthialarsondragon-04

Tom Upton | @tomupton33

Jon F. Merz | @jonfmerz

Brian Rathbone | @brianrathbone

DebbiVaughn | @DebbiVaughn

Justin Sachs | @justinsachs

Twilighters Network | @twilightersnet

Dr. Stephen Jones | @DrStephenJones

Shonika Proctor | @teenbizcoach

YasminShiraz | @YasminShiraz

Meghan Riley | @PixieChaser

Lady Ellen | @LadyEllen

Richard Nash | @R_Nash

Carl Hindy, Ph.D. | @DrCarlHindy

Death Wave (ebook) | @stevekahn

MeghnaK | @MeghnaK

FreshFiction | @FreshFiction

Debbie Dunn | @DebbieDunn

Lin Burress | @tiddlytwinks

sandy617 | @sandy617

Lindsay W. | @virtualcreative

Roxanne Smolen | @roxannesmolen

Carrie Silver-Stock | @girlswithdreams

Laurie Esposito Harley | @PoeticLotion

ljnewlin | @dahliasignetof

Janet Mulroy | @KidCrunchMom

sharon anne | @sharonlovescats

YA edge | @YAedge

Young Adult RWA | @YA_RWA

Medeia Sharif | @sharifwrites

shecobea | @cobe24

Tom Dolby | @TomDolby

B M Foxxe Kitsune | @draemesaekyrFK

Lisa Schroeder | @lisa_schroeder

SheilaRuth | @SheilaRuth

Marie Lamba | @marielamba

Wuffs Bonanzle | @Wufflespring

LC Russell | @Novemberbooks

Lili Wilkinson | @twitofalili

Kimberly | @gladeslibrarian

Jennifer Banash | (@jenniferbanash

Cyn Balog | @cynbalog

darkened_jade | @darkened_jade

Lynn E. Hazen | @LynnHazen

Sandra Humphrey | @Sandra305

LK Gardner-Griffie | @lkgg

Robin Brande | @RobinBrande

amandaashby | @amandaashby

Paula Chase | @PaulaChase

Evanlowe | @Evanlowe

C. Lee McKenzie | @cleemckenzie

Kiki Lon | @kikilon

DallasWoodburn | @DallasWoodburn

Jon Bard | @jonbard

Anne Mazer | @Annemazer

Barry Lyga | @barrylyga

Melissa Wiley | @bonnyglen

Carin Berger | @CarinBerger

Cynthea Liu | @cynthea

Cynthia Chapman Willis | @CynthiaCWillis

Laurel Snyder | @LaurelSnyder

Lauren Baratz Logsted | @LaurelBaratzL

Lisa McMann | @lisa_mcmann

LK Gardner-Griffie | @lkgg

Maureen Johnson | @maureenjohnson

Meg Cabot | @megcabot

Rebecca Moesta | @RebeccaMoesta

Sarah Dessen | @sarahdessen

Shane Berryhill | @ShaneBerryhill

Susan Taylor Brown | @susanwrites

Gerry Huntman /@GerryHuntman

Rebecca Ryals Russell / @Vigorio

Henry Melton / @HenryMelton

Dragons -Real or Imaginary? Extinct? Actually a Dinosaur?


Have you ever wondered whether dragons really existed at some time on Earth? I mean, if you take a good look at some of the newest dinosaur fossil finds it’s not that far a stretch to imagine that once upon a time those magnificent beasts soared over the hills and dales of our lands. After all, there are animals that once existed but are now extinct; like the Dodo bird, Irish Deer or Cave Bear.

Can’t you just imagine searching the skies for leviathan shadows before making a mad dash to the well for water to cook dinner or to visit your friend at the hut in the distance?  And if you were a sheep or cattle rancher, you pretty much figured a certain amount would go to the King of the Skies whenever he was hungry.

Or maybe they were completely benign, like antelope or lemurs. They raised their young on the craggy mountainsides, hunted wild creatures and left humankind alone. Or maybe they were wise and people sought them out for their wisdom, which would account for the piles of treasures they supposedly slept on top of (ouch?) and hoarded.

Why DID they hoard treasure? It’s not like dragons could go shopping at the local marketplace. What good did treasure do them? I guess that brings me back around to their being evil, right? Hoarding is greedy, greed is a sin, sinning is evil, therefore dragons are evil.  Sounds like good logic to me.

That must be why I chose dragons to represent demons in my book, Between the Dark and the Light: Vigorios for Alcedonia. They make great bad-guys! Dragons can have all sorts of looks. They can be Pokemon cute or Lord of the Rings horrifying or anything in-between.  My dragons are well-mannered, clean, shape-shifting demons, some of whom prefer to stay in their person-guise because of the attention they attract. Others prefer to remain as dragons because they enjoy being fierce and terrifying.

What kind of dragon do you prefer? Do you think dragons talked, if they existed? Should they talk in literature? Since mine are demons, they have to talk. Do you think dragons really shot fire? I can’t imagine a dragon without the fire feature – it would just be a dinosaur. Of course, they were pretty terrifying, too.

Which would you rather confront on a field, a dragon or a T-Rex? Why? Leave me a comment with your answer.

Blogging Nightmare, Say It Isn’t So!


It’s amazing how difficult and time-consuming it is to do anything on the internet.  In the olden days you went to someone who was an expert, usually a friend or neighbor, and they showed you how to tie a fly or bake a cake.  If it was something really big, like building a playhouse, you could hire someone.  And while those options are still available, but sometimes costly, or you just want to figure it for yourself, today it takes a newbie hours and days to read various blogs, websites, threads and then play around trying to figure out how all of this stuff works.

For an old gal like me, who’s fairly tech savvy, or so I thought, setting up this blog has been a nightmare.  I still don’t know exactly what I’m doing.  Haven’t yet figured out what all of the lingo and buttons are on the dashboard (I always thought those were in cars?), but I’m working on it (much to my family’s abandonment-feeling chagrin).

But I shall perservere and accomplish what I set out to do.  Eventually this blog will host a Podcast of my story and whatever else I think of saying, a Social Media Room where all of the various sites I’m on will be available for your perusal, a webpage about the book I wrote, Between the Dark and the Light, a Video about the book and possibly one of me reading it.  And if more technology shows up, I’ll consider it, too.  So keep checking back, put me on your FEED, ’cause, baby, I’m here to stay.

Dragons, Demons, Monsters and More


For quite a while I’ve been contemplating starting a blog. But I kept thinking, “No one is interested in my thoughts.” But then I kept reading that as an author I should do this, so here goes. For over 20 years I’ve had a story running around my brain like a hamster on a wheel. I’d get up at 5:30 am and write a chapter, then go to school and teach my lovely 5th and 6th graders. This lasted for a few months then the chapters got put away in a file cabinet and forgotten. This was before computers and everything I did was handwritten. The funny thing is, what I finally wrought is in no way even related to what it started out as 20 years ago.

In the meanwhile, I started my own family by adopting a precious baby girl, so between being a new mommy and teaching, the writing took a far back seat. Then I had precious baby girl #2 and adorable baby boy #3. Still the writing sat in the file cabinet. Lastly, we adopted the final sweet baby boy #4 and shortly after that I retired from teaching permanently.

By that time, we were living in the countryside of North Florida and I was running a vacation rental business out of the log cabin on our property. So I took my computer to the cabin every morning after the school run and wrote and wrote. For 18 months I did this and out came child #5: The first book of a series called Between the Dark and the Light: Vigorios for Alcedonia Volume I.

I was a very proud Mama and immediately sent my baby off to a publisher so they could tell me what a wonderful thing I had birthed. But, of course, that’s not what happened at all. Instead, I spent the next 18 months rewriting, revising and editing to make it the truly wonderful story it is now.

For an excerpt from Between the Dark and the Light go to the excerpt page of this blog. Tell me what you think. Each post I’ll list a new chapter so subscribe and get a good idea if you like it, then buy the book!